• The Duel

    When Eleanor Moreau threw a dinner party, everyone of note attended. There was a certain craft to being a hostess, and Eleanor had mastered it. She always seemed to know who would be in town—visiting socialites would have received invitations by post before they set out. Some attended for food, some for wine, and some for society. No one would say they attended for the surprise, for that would come far too close to the truth.

  • Parallel Buffered Read Writes

    Until this summer, I’d never written a piece of code where file IO was the performance-limiting factor. It’s often tempting to call file read-write times insignificant, but this notion certainly did not carry over to terabyte-sized datasets. It got to the point that I was having to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary file copies. So I quickly started looking, thinking to myself how can I make this faster?